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Sustainable Architecture 101: Launching Our Latest Course "Analyze the Swiss Re Building using Ladybug Tools"

Learn the basics of sustainable design with the latest Ladybug Tools Suite in our latest course "Analyze the Swiss Re: Building Using Ladybug Tools"

The ThinkParametric team is excited to announce our new course, "Analyze The Swiss Re Building Using Ladybug Tools," taught by expert instructor Brandon A. Gibbs. This course, only available at, is ideal if you are an architect, engineer or simply someone interested in building design with Rhino 3D and sustainability tools.

SwissRe Tower

Learn The Essentials of Sustainable Design With A Sustainable Icon

The Swiss Re building is a world-renowned example of environmentally friendly design by the Architecture firm Foster + Partners. In this course, you will learn how to model the tower using Rhino 3D with Grasshopper and analyze the environmental performance of the building using the Ladybug Environmental Suite, a collection of powerful Grasshopper plugins for environmental analysis.

Key Sustainable Elements In The Swiss Re

  • Energy-efficient ventilation system: The Swiss Re's distinctive shape helps to naturally ventilate the building, reducing the need for air conditioning and saving energy.
  • Solar shading: The building's curved, double-layered glass facade provides natural shade and insulation, reducing the need for artificial cooling and heating.
  • Rainwater harvesting: The building collects rainwater, which is then used for flushing toilets and irrigating plants, reducing the city's water supply demand.
  • Green roof: The Swiss Re'shas is a living roof that helps to absorb rainwater, provide insulation, and support local biodiversity.
  • Efficient lighting: The building uses energy-efficient lighting systems, including motion sensors and daylight harvesting, to reduce energy consumption.
  • High-performance glazing: The Swiss Re's glass facade has high-performance coatings that help to reduce heat gain and glare while maximizing natural light.


Build Expert Level Industry Skills In Sustainability

In "Analyze the Swiss Re Building with Ladybug Tools", expert instructor and licensed Architect Brandon Gibbs will walk you through the process of perfecting your Ladybug Tools environment and using it to perform a key building analysis for sunlight, form, and shading that will help you develop a foundation for understanding practical ways of applying sustainable design.

Sustainable design skills are becoming increasingly crucial for architects as the world shifts towards more sustainable practices. Architects are responsible for designing buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible, socially equitable, and economically viable. Sustainable design skills enable architects to create buildings that use resources efficiently, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact while providing occupants a comfortable and healthy environment.

Important Skills You Learn With Ladybug In Sustainability

  • Understanding sustainable design principles and their application in the built environment.
  • Gaining an understanding of key sustainability metrics, such as energy use, daylighting, and thermal comfort, and how to measure and optimize them using Ladybug Tools.
  • Learning to create energy models and perform simulations to evaluate the impact of design decisions on building performance.
  • Analyzing case studies of sustainable buildings and understanding how they were designed and optimized for sustainability.
  • Understanding the role of data analysis and visualization in sustainability and how Ladybug Tools can create visualizations that effectively communicate sustainability metrics.
  • Gaining practical skills in using Ladybug Tools to create sustainable building designs that meet client requirements and optimize building performance.
  • Grasshopper sustainable integration skills, including VB Scripting and adapting your model to analysis systems

Sun Hour diagram Ladybug Tools

Perfect Your Sustainable Workflows With Ladybug

"Analyze the Swiss Re Building with Ladybug Tools" is the perfect hands-on training tool in sustainable design that students need to be empowered for increasing industry demand in sustainable design projects. This course empowers you to work on a real-world case study of the Swiss Re building. By the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp of how Ladybug Tools can be used to analyze building performance and how to apply these skills to your projects.

The course is now open for enrollment, and you can begin learning immediately. Because the course is self-paced, you can learn at your own pace and on your timetable. You will also have access to the ThinkParametric community forum of fellow students and experts who can provide feedback and support as you progress through the course.

This course, we believe, will be a valuable addition to your skills and knowledge as a building professional. So why not join us today and start learning how to use Ladybug Tools to analyze building performance?

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Analyze The Swiss Re Building Using Ladybug Tools

What students are saying:

"Learning sustainability with Ladybug Tools was an eye-opening experience for me. I never realized how much impact building design can have on the environment, but with the help of Ladybug Tools, I was able to simulate different scenarios and see firsthand how even small design decisions can make a big difference. "

~ Francine Daubet, Design Technologist

""I loved how hands-on the sustainability with Ladybug Tools course was. We were able to apply what we learned in real-world scenarios and analyze actual buildings to see how they were optimized for sustainability. The Ladybug Tools software was easy to use and made it easy to visualize complex data. Overall, this course was a great learning experience and has given me a new perspective on building design."

~ Ridha Ayoub, Architect Level II

"The sustainability with Ladybug Tools course was one of the most valuable courses I've taken as an architecture student. The software was incredibly powerful and gave me the ability to analyze building performance in a way that I never thought was possible."

~ Chen Qiang

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