Unlocking the Power of Rhino.Inside: Enhancing Your Workflow

Learn how the strongest tool in Revit can combine powers with powerful modeler Rhino 3D.

Rhino.Inside: A New Paradigm on Interoperability

The tools we employ are just as important as our creative visions in the fast-paced design and digital modeling world. As technology advances, the versatility and integration of these tools becomes increasingly important. Enter "Rhino.Inside," a game-changing innovation for designers in various industries. But what exactly is Rhino.Inside, and how can it help you? Let's get started!

Rhino.Inside how to

What is Rhino.Inside?


Rhino.Inside is a project launched by Robert McNeel & Associates, the developers of the popular 3D modeling software Rhinoceros (or Rhino). This feature enables the Rhino 7 engine to function within other software programs, allowing its extensive capabilities to be embedded in environments that previously could not host them. Simply put, you may now use Rhino and its plugins (such as Grasshopper) within applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, Unity, etc.

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How Does Rhino.Inside Work?

Technical Details

Rhino.Inside is based on the RhinoCommon.NET SDK. It loads Rhino as a library into other applications, eliminating the requirement for the host application to launch Rhino as a separate program. This provides a consistent experience by allowing users to utilize Rhino's functions straight from the host application's UI.

Key Benefits of Rhino.Inside for Your Workflow


  1. Interoperability: One of the most difficult difficulties in the design and engineering sector is the lack of smooth software interoperability. Users may now bridge the gap between Rhino and other important products with Rhino.Inside, it reduces data translation problems and the requirement for time-consuming imports and exports.
  2. Simplified Processes: Assume you're working on a Revit project and realize you need some advanced parametric design functionality from Grasshopper instead of switching between programs, Rhino. Inside allows you to use Grasshopper directly from within Revit, optimizing your workflow and lowering the possibility of errors.
  3. Enhanced Customization: Rhino.Inside extends the visual programming features of Grasshopper to a variety of software. Users can now create bespoke tools, interfaces, and functions that are tailored to their specific needs without leaving their primary design environment.
  4. Cost-Efficiency: By allowing several software platforms to communicate seamlessly, designers may harness the capabilities of each tool, potentially decreasing the need for costly third-party plugins or software.
  5. Future-Ready: As the industry transitions to increasingly integrated and collaborative digital platforms, having a tool that works flawlessly across many software platforms will put you ahead of the competition in the collaborative design environment.

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In Practice: Rhino.Inside with Revit

Use Cases

  • Design Exploration: Architects may now use the parametric features of Grasshopper directly in Revit for facade design, structural optimization, and other tasks.
  • Data Enrichment: Enrich your Revit models with Rhino data to ensure complete BIM data without the burden of various software.
  • Prototyping: Use Rhino's modeling capabilities to iterate and see design changes within the Revit environment quickly.


Final Thoughts

Rhino.Inside is more than a feature; it is a paradigm shift in how we think about design software. By removing the barriers across platforms, designers can concentrate on what truly counts - the design process itself. Rhino.Inside promises a smoother, more integrated workflow, boosting your projects to new heights whether you're an architect, engineer, game developer, or artist. So, are you prepared to participate in this integrated future?

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